Naeem Moosajee



Please visit my Google Scholar profile for my up to date publications. The following are key publications that impacted my thesis.




From Game Designer to Game User Researcher - Lessons Learned

CHI Play 2014 Workshop Paper

  • User test diary to help us understand the different angles from which user researchers approach a game




Workshop proposal: Game UI design, evaluation, and user research

Games Entertainment Media (GEM), 2015 IEEE

  • We propose a workshop that will solicit contributions from the game user research and human-computer interaction communities
  • The workshop will provide a format for discussion of issues in best practices in user research and experiment methodology, as well as technical contributions in novel game user interfaces




Games User Research (GUR) for Indie Studios

CHI 2016 Late Breaking Work

  • Worked with three studios conducting playtests on their upcoming titles
  • In line with the CHI2016 #chi4good spirit this paper contributes to the important topic of adopting user research methods for indie and small game studios


Playtesting for Indie Studios

Mindtrek 2016

  • Worked with six studios conducting playtests on their upcoming titles
  • Discussed five factors that influence playtesting for indie studios





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